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Moog Grandmother


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On 6/28/2019 at 5:08 PM, J3FF3R00 said:


The only gripes I have are the following:

- I was hoping that, even though the synth itself is monophonic, that it would be able to generate a polyphonic signal via usb as a Logic controller. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen. Bummer. 

- Luckily I love distorted/nasty bass... which this thing is particularly good for. However, it’s actually pretty difficult to keep tones clean and free of distortion. If I get a clean tone, sometimes certain bass frequencies will distort the clean tone. It’s really hard to tweak that out. It almost makes me wonder if it might be a defect in my unit, but my guess is that it isn’t. 

- a similar thing applies to the reverb tank. I really LOVE the fact this has internal spring reverb but when you have a cleaner tone and slowly turn up the reverb, it’s a bit like an abrupt hiss as soon as you come off zero (mostly noticeable on headphones). 

- there are a few things that happen that seem completely random that take me by surprise here and there (like octaves switching on their own or settings sounding different after turning off the arpeggiator... etc) but I’m chalking it up to analog signal stuff and my relative inexperience with analog monosyths. 

- whoever the nubnut was that packaged it up to ship it to me didn’t unplug 3 patch cables and those all got bent to shit in transit. I told the manager at the store about it and they refunded the shipping cost to me. I’m just hoping none of the internal stuff got damaged. Those ports are cosmetically fine but I still need to test them out to be sure. 

Anyway, I’m enjoying it!

Anyone else have one?


I have one, like it a lot.  Purchased originally to use with my eurorack, but more often than not I keep them separate.  It does respond nicely to audio rate modulation though, it retains its musicality even with more complex modulation.

The mixer in the MG is based on the old moog cp3 mixer.  It has lots of character, but try backing down the osc levels to less than 12 o'clock for less clipping.

The reverb tank is already notorious for coming loose in transportation, so if yours has already been knocked about you should check it.  I've not had to but it should be straightforward to reseat it.  Common issue so there will be online advice out there.

There is a very lengthy gearslutz thread about the GM, mainly filled with the usual gearlsutz wank.  However, Sean Costello of valhalla fame has contributed a lot with various sounds, often including patch notes.  Try replicating some of these and then comparing.  If you're way off, you know something is wrong. 



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