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ive got a few things on soundcloud , this is the thing from tonight.

obvious influences but i thought someone here might like it.


mostlly ER-1 and digitakt mangled through Boss se-70 (popular fx from early 90's warp acts )

bassline added later on , from an avalon bassline with SEM filter.


I'm learning how to mix...which is probably obvious from the track.


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Pretty experimental sounds ... would likely appreciate them more within the context of a more clearly defined melodic framework ... but that's me not u so whatever ... keep mashin

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lol had this tab open for like 2 days but finally listening to it. The sound palette isn't really trying too hard to imitate Warp stuff but has the attitude of some early Aphex stuff including some of the Soundcloud stuff, I like it


is it really as simple as some kind of Boss filter? It definitely sounds like some of the same sounds going on, I thought maybe aphex was always using some modular stuff for the more weird ass timbres

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i think the autechre one was mostly due to se70 vocoder preset with some tweaks that i cant remember , ER1 going in with other stuff modulating it i think.

i've chopped it into bit suitable to make it into more of a tune , add melodies etc.. i remember the drum patterns were quite untidy mess but seemed to work in the end  mangled result.



todays thing is ableton , a little more B12 / ambient with a bit of lfo , my fave period of warp stuff , i do love the recent synkro , skee mask and roel funken stuff even though i doubt ive spelt any of them correctly (its 3:43 am... i need to sleep)


the illustration is done on ipad in Graphic , a small 2d vector package  but i quite like it , it helps to avoid loading up 3dsmax and doing proper 3d.



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wibble wobble (edit) is pretty nice, you've got the vibe down for that type of music.


the first track you posted in the thread is more interesting to me, though a nice pad or chord stabs or something would offset the harsh percussive sounds and zaps and give the track some balance. changing the timbre of the bassline so its less similar to the other sounds would also work.


i like the artwork you make/use for your tracks, too.

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Thanks for the feedback.

i’m Selling lots of gear, trying to get a bit more focused on stuff , hopefully get more things finished


I’ll have to find the files for Wibble wobble , ive forgotten how I made it.


I’ve been doing skate decks recently


Should get a sense of my stuff.

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  • 2 years later...

thanks to covid i've plugged in my traktor gear and started doing lots of mixes.

i'm up to mix 40+ , its mostly stuff most people on here might like (autechre, plaid, black dog, moderat, gaming, skee mask, pushkin, bomb the bass, global communications, lots of 90's electronica and modern dub techno) ..... with a few oddities mixed together.

e.g. mathew, jimmy cliff , janet jackson VS portishead, duran duran VS rote.

and even one or two of my own things..

most things are on here.

any feedback would be great..



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