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La Bouche - I Love to Love (Now I Am Become Death OMEGA MIX)

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La Bouche - I Love to Love (Now I Am Become Death OMEGA MIX)


Now I Am Become Death's Hyper Extended Cut N Run Bump N Go Remaster Championship Ultra Alpha Turbo Re Edit Dark Arts Tournament Stranger Danger Aggro Remix Redux Revised Revisited Refix Bloodsport First Blood Part II Re-edition Edition Vs. Capcom Vs. Marvel Vs. The 1996 Denver Broncos Mix aka OMEGA MIX of La Bouche's "I Love to Love". It all started with Now I Am Become Death's love for the video and album version of "I Love To Love" and the thought to extend and mix them back to back for a longer listening experience, and quickly turned into an obsession. After some remastering, added synths, a remix, a quest to discover all the versions he could and even doing a karaoke vocal track, the "Omega Mix" is now unleashed! Be sure to follow N.I.A.B.D. on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/blakeortegojr/



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