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What The World Would Be Like If The Oceans and Land Were Reversed


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Swimming would be a chore.  I mean, good luck swimming through a fucking mountain.  That would be pretty IDM though... damn it!  "Swimming through a mountain" would've surely won the most IDM tournament had I thought of it sooner.

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The "science" is just speculation from a bunch of nerds.


Pretty much like the new Aphex Twin album speculation based on facts we know.  But I like big thinking stuff like this, used to enjoy reading Stephen Baxter.




What would happen to WATMM if the mods and members were reversed?

CHAOS, thats what.

lol we should have a day a year when this happens or something, would b fun


also don't let this thread distract you from the fact that mountains are actually giant trees cut:



what a video. twenty minutes in she's talking about a nuclear war that happened in the eighteenth century. 

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^i especially like that 60% of videos like this all sound like the same rural american soccer mom, saying the most bizarre nonsensical stuff with only her sarcastic "holy shit did they really think we'd fall for this" tone as an arguement for why any of it is true


like tbh i had to stop that linked video pretty early on because she grabbed onto some vague historical reference to causeways & started going on about highways to hell, and it quickly felt like it was drifting from charming weirdo talk to sad paranoid schizophrenic ranting


study it out


Man, some of you been chugging the Hatorade today!


I thought it was neat, ever hit up map porn on reddit? this looked like something I'd see posted there

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