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X​-​Altera - X​-​Altera (Tadd Mullinix)

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A man most of you all know and love has just recently put out a stunning album under a new alias.




He seems to be highlighting a lot of old-school sounds -- in particular "Black Secret Technology" era Guy Called Gerald (which is A-OK in my book).

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    • By joshuatxuk
      Oh man, this one is good. One of the members of Emeralds, Steve's been putting out some great synth albums over the years. Seen him live, nice and mellow dude IRL.
    • By Lada Laika
      Formats: 12", digital - via Ghostly
      Pleasant Friday surprise, had no idea this was in the works but it released today. Avalon Emerson's been one of my producers-to-watch for a while, and this certainly doesn't disappoint. 

    • By futureimage
      So rather than buying a load of gospel records and playing them backwards, I'm looking for more haunting, ghostly choral stuff akin to this:


      and even this, at least before Moby happens:

      Apologies for terrible use of adjectives.


    • By Herr Jan
      Yes yes yes, another Jodey Kendrick release coming up! Just after EDM (and we also have the upcoming J.K. - GEA album on WeMe very soon) but this time there's a killer 12" coming out on the great Rewind Records (Soundmurderer / SK-1 label who also released a Vibert (Plug) release in 2006), really thrilled about this one!

      '3 of the tracks contain field recordings from Dunstable the place i live. It has a reputation for drunken pub violence, So me, Heidi, and a mate trawled the streets on the weekends taking samples of the bad behaviour which was really quite scary when your a sober as a judge! It did not take long for the material to find us, Lets put it that way! We were going to hire a lorry with a sound system on the back and play the field recordings from a distance back into the town for a laugh, Getting everyone to sort that was a ball ache so i decided to make songs out of them instead.' You can listen to previews down here:


      Some of you might also recognize these tracks as the jungle tracks from the Penryn Space Agency set

      No date for release yet, but I'll keep you updated :)
    • By chassis
      has this absolute gem

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