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Xi track WIP

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I didn't hear the original, but this one is really thick and very in-your-face with the sounds/mix, almost a little overwhelming at times? Not necessarily a bad thing :) I like the components within the track except maybe that lower noisy synth melody that is left alone at the end, other than that the drums, the bass/lead line all work alone, I'm just not sure well it all works together? The bass/lead is a catchy enough little bit (a bit loud at times though), and the drums are interesting in and of themselves, I'm just not really feeling much cohesion nor progression within the track. That may be something you're going for of course, sometimes disparate parts are the intent, and sometimes just meditating on an idea for a few minutes is great, but I just don't think it worked for me for those two reasons mostly. It does 'sound' good though, and I would love to hear where it ends up if you do muck with it some more :)

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