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Droney/Noisey Guitar Based Stuff

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Hey guys.  Do you think I should make more stuff in this general vein, derivative as it is?  


I don't post noises I make much, but I don't know, I could do more, if anyone but me enjoys it, or maybe just sees some potential.  



^dis is me


Yeah, it sounds identical to the stuff I make on Reaktor sometimes, I don't know what's wrong with me. 


yours in fuzz, 



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Thanks for the feedback. I agree, this was just a quick spontaneous two layer deal recorded with a phone. I’ll work on some more timbrally/melodically elaborated stuff in the near future :)

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Hey everyone,


I’m slowly trying to get back into making music, and get into the right headspace/flow again. It’s been forever.


The following SoundCloud link is my first attempt at mic’ing up an amp in probably a decade. It’s an exploratory/meditative/improv doom/drone solo guitar recording. It’s basically one-take, but recorded first into my board’s looper pedal so I could simplify working out mic placement, and there’s some live post-looper delay pedal manipulation and pedal reverb on the mic’d recorded pass. No adjustments made in-DAW except for adjusting mastering level and exporting to WAV. Just trying to get a feel for the sound, both in playing and recording.


I recognize this is stylistically a bit off-label for watmm, but as it’s doomy ambient drone, maybe if you hang out in the metal thread you might like something in it.


Sorry for the preamble. Here’s the track.


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