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Arpanet – 30drop meets Arpanet – Phases EP


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An astronomical conjunction has cropped up. Arpanet is back after a long interstellar hibernation and 30drop comes up with its particular vision of the abstract Elektro for the very first time.


“Phases EP” takes the primal Warp’s heritage blending hypnotic melodies with rhythmically complex patterns.


Arpanet, which keeps the exquisiteness of its previous works for Rephlex, among other labels, gazes into the black profoundness of its own and unique universe.


30drop’s two cuts, ostensibly touched by the Aphex Twin spirit, are a spellbinding exercise of style.


“Phases EP” is experimental, atmospheric, rhythmic and, above all, flawless. This enthralling EP is presented in electric blue vinyl. A special shape for a very special alliance.



A1: Arpanet – Supernova Remnant (3:12)

A2: Arpanet – Main Sequence Star (6:01)

B1: 30drop – Disharmonic Gait (7:14)

B2: 30drop – Halo In the Glass (6:36)





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This ep is fucking lush af. Love how one side is beatless and then you play the other side and the beats kick in and yesssssssssssšššśśśśśßßßs

Big Arpanet fan ... would love to hear another LP


Really hoping the clone guys are working on a reissue of wireless internet tbqh wtfbbq ymmv/

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Unlike 'Einstein Ring' these two tracks sound like they are fairly recent productions; no drum sounds, and awash with the kind of stately ambience Donald seems to be into at the moment. He's still loving the choir patches and outer spacey themes tho. I wonder why he has chosen to reactivate the Arpanet name at this time?


I reckon the next Clone reissues will prob be Shifted Phases or Elecktroids.

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