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spotify sux


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I just subscribed to premium less than a month ago. I'm very much an album guy, but I'm getting more comfortable with the idea of singles. Shuffle still mostly makes me seasick though, I'm definitely not of the "eclectic" persuasion.


My discover list is juuust beginning to not suck. I was on a big Paula Temple kick (yeah I know there are only like 10 tracks up there, I was listening to them all on repeat) and then it recommended all this "edgy" bro stuff like Gessafelstein on the one hand, and on the other a bunch of faux-fi electronic-tinged audio wallpaper female vocalist stuff. Now it's recommending some stuff I actually kind of like, by which I mean like 3 tracks out of 10. Which to be fair is only a slightly worse batting average than even a lot of my favorite albums.


It sucks how little money people make off Spotify though. I might switch to Apple Music at some point as I don't have that much invested in the Spotify platform. And I still plan to buy physical copies of stuff I really like. But yeah I'm cautiously warming up to the whole thing, years after all my friends lol.

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Paying for music is out, it seems.


I buy all of my favorite artists. I use spotify to find new ones or just listen to a playlist on shuffle


I can not live without their discovery weekly playlist anymore. that is fantastic.



Same here. I'll happily buy the album of an artist I love in order to support them.


I was really into the Discovery Weekly list at one point, but then it started repeating artists and playing songs that I already liked, making the playlist kind of useless. Now, I actually do look forward to the playlist radio for the off-chance that I'll find something new. I just don't want to be forced to listen to radio when I just want to listen to my personal lists. I'll never like Ariel Pink. (Seriously, Spotify seems to think I'll love him and The I.L.Y's if they are played enough.)

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What beerwolf said. Started yesterday listening to Death Grips, then a few Neil Young-albums since I'm doing a chronological listening of his back catalogue. Went on to an old Lorn-album bc watmm says new album is on it's way. Then the Release Radar gave me a really nice track by Roll The Dice (never heard of), so I had to check out some old stuff. Today: Some more Neil Young, then Release Radar played a really crappy Mogwai track. WTF? Revisited Mogwai Young Team and remembered that one of the dudes had a collab with Kangding Ray. Listened to the Sums EP, and then over to Kangding Ray OR. Oh happy days.

Also: Never had any technical problems with Spotify on phone or computer.

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