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I'll stick with my original 12" press of Brothers in Arms, thank you very much.



With the edited versions of a few tracks? I must admit, it was hard to come to terms with the CD version being the definitive version, and the LP being the "legacy compatibility" version.


Still, the DX7 stabs on "The Man's Too Strong" sound great on the LP :D

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As high res 24 bit masters are becoming more common with downloads, something like kind of makes sense nowadays, but really, it makes more sense just to put the uncompressed masters on a DVD or BluRay, surely? The players are considerably cheaper than these MQA players, and much more widely available. I know these things are aimed at audiophiles with huge budgets, but it still seems like a daft time to be developing new technologies when perfectly suitable and more easily compatible ones already exist.

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both mqa and hi-res audio are a scam, they offer absolutely no audible improvements over regular cd whatsoever. mqa can actually degrade audio because in essence it's a lossy codec.


here's a very nice write up on the topic of hires from the guys who developed FLAC codec and others:


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^ yeah I've seen this echoed elsewhere, nice article


Should've expanded on the Super CD name by calling it something like 'Super Hyper Mega CD Turbo EX Plus Alpha (final edition 3.9) Format'


lol this



yep - especially re: at how slick they look

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