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Edible Mushrooms


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I'm going to be boring and say chanterelles

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it's a rare treat though, very expensive. shiitake's also great. 


reishi tea is also a favorite but that's more medicinal than edible, not something I would drink solely for the flavor.

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Pine mushrooms! aka Lactarius deliciosus




also yeah, oyster and enoki.. and really any mushrooms tbh, fkn love mushrooms

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Any of the edible ones from the boletaceae family are great, quite dense and meaty, so you don't need to collect as many to make a meal of it.

The amanita muscarias are interesting too, they double as both a deleriant/psychedelic and kitchen mushroom, depending on how you prepare them.

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I collect Boletus edulis "penny bun" or "Steinpilze" every summer and dry them bitches out and goddamn if they aren't hell of quite tasty.




Also shaggy manes. (just gotta get'em before they get inky)



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I stopped being wrong a long time ago young man


*takes drag on lit mushroom*


there is a type of mushroom up here in Alaska called "Punk"  [Plellinus igniarius] that natives dry and crush up and smoke. It apparently potentiates the effects of tobacco.


Also you can smoke dried amanita skins. (proceed at your own risk)



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