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post your favourite indigenous music.


inuit music is nuts.



As I understand it this stuff is practiced more as a game than music but yep the results are great on the ears.


I do some work with indigenous musicians in Asia and have loads of good stuff to share but for now here's just one from a couple of residents of Bandung, Indonesia who're keeping alive and building on traditional harvest time music.

(nice write up)

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Ingenius music is the best!







seriously though, I have a cd from a band from the 90's, Macha,

in which they went around Indonesia recording street musicians.

Will forever cherish that.


I'll try to find it when I get home from work.



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I was at a pow wow about a month ago on a reserve here in Ontario. I brought my field recorder and recorded parts of the music. I had to turn it off at times as no recordings were allowed during specific parts.


I plan on making some 90s style IDM with my recordings.

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