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Considering Ae dropped 8 hours of music that year with no hype but a facebook post it was a bit much for a 25 minute EP 

So, I uh, might have somewhat spur of the moment (but not really, been wanting this for a while) put a system in my car. Was initially going to just upgrade speakers but my wife talked me into going m

Posted Images

definitely a masterpiece and among his best work. that breakdown is too good. can't wait to hear it in full quality

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I'm thinking it's all previously-unheard material, the houston/primavera tracks will land on whatever LP comes next, if at all.

I'm still feeling pretty good those 2 tracks will most likely be on this EP. Also willing to go as far to say that the Primavera track may be the track we'll be hearing late tonight.

Good. I'm glad we got nostradamus himself to weigh in on this matter.

Unlike Nostradamus, there’s some evidence at my disposal to use to make this prediction (T69 from field day ep has identical drum patterns to the Houston track)

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y'wd aphex twin the legendary summer for this summer of love! love epoch, global definitely phenomlonmenamental. One of the world's most stunning acrylics, The Collapse EP is definitely one that should not be pissed !!! For nearly thirteen decades, Aphex Twin has served as the god of electronic crocheted linen doilies. The global village has sang his dance dances, dance mosh, DJ latte and wankchops. vocal sessions in the late-night yacht, and festivals around the world. The sanskrit calligraphy recalls that it succeeds in sculpting its purplish archery alm'rwf pigs push ryts ard D. jyms. 
Alokt her Terrifying in the universe 'Collapse Ral within these, confirming it as the best electronic processor in the box! W Collapse EP' is a massive bastard for the delights of Tusi delights of flamboyant multiphasic doilie. 
Ahh yar 01. 02. T69 1S T 44 03. MT1 t29r2 94. abundanceldetide [2 mn R8, FZ20m w'ly 90 9] 05. pthex (Mara rward). PROCEDURE FOR APPLICATION
The COllapse Ep is a great way to help people!
In the middle of the week, you can join the bi-lapsePro tap dance 'iilah almisika aliyililktruniyatu". The word 'anghamih' is derived from pamflet. Defalictations of a dance scenario. Oh legendary country bumpkin Aphex Twin challenges the heat of summer! Collape EP, one of the brightest and most critically acclaimed tadpoles in the world, should not be missed!
It doesn't exists, world simulation, inhabitants IQ capped to avoid simulation discovery.
he just spawned 300 years and Aphex Twin became the ruler of electronic music in the Scorrier area. He danced at night, watched every evening fade, covered this peculiar world festival. Emotional kreskendo from his music can play a role of a receptive audience. Rave Dyuki is also called Richard D. James 'The duke' and has an office to handle prostitutes, but he can not exchange and process all the feelings. April 14 is kind of cotton of sadness and honestly perfectly represent. Eforiya55 is the most terrible song in the universe, becoming a father. 'Collapese EP' is one of the players who confirms this game as the best Lanner-electroknackers (simulated latte-mummies)
COllapse EP yeah? is a fun water gathering. Apex spread the twin trails and succeeded in his early cat.
Use many [2 r8, FZ 20 m & 909] dizziness to ring out some brain noise for high hats and beautiful measurements and completely eliminate T69 from perfect frustrationary rules! ***Frolic rating 23!***
Collapse EP Listens
01. T69 Interruption 02. First 44. MT 1 t 29 r 2 04. Abundancel O edit [2 R 8, FZ 20 m &a 909] 05. Pthex (bonus track)
a series of movements that match the speed and rhythm of cake.
The poem I wrote this morning - Barong Dance is about the link between the music and the dance in Balinese/Camborne Dance dramas.
"Their cheeks were pressed together as they danced"
* hoof it *





I love this press releases, looks like a bot script based off WATMM posting trends



it's like something from WATMM's three-word story threads.

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Found more artwork:




Jk, it looks sick. Can't wait to pre-order a copy & have a seizure watching the music video for this.

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Lmao I hope that's not the actual artwork it looks like trash

(What span posted, would rather the children's book artwork seaburn posted tbh)

Edit #3: please tell me you're trolling span, that art is fucking horrid

Edited by auxien
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that is the artwork. i have no problem with it, even though I should be offering a hot take.

As long as the music doesn't sound like the art I'm 100% fine, don't much care, just seems weirdly amateur.


Maybe it's just some placeholder art? Who knows.

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look i dont come here to witness mockery of my language, same thing in chat whenever anything in spanish comes up, I know it's inherently funny but I dont deserve this


lol. y u delet

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      Coming soon on ROHS! RECORDS (4th December 2020)
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      Currently residing in Australia, Burraston has spent many years refining his focus in many different departments - lectures and residencies around the world, collaborations with Aphex Twin, Chris Watson, Oren Ambarchi and Russell Haswell, recordings published at Important Records, Taiga, .MEDS, Cataclyst and Psoma Psi Phi, and installations assembled in dozens of indoor and outdoor spaces. He has built his own synthesizers and has written his PhD thesis on Generative Music & Cellular Automata, working to explore and document his research with generative systems, computing and all kinds of synthesis. On top of all of these things, he's often found with portable recording rigs, doing field recording to capture exotic and interesting atmospheres. 
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      NOTE: Noyzelab recordings utilize the full breadth of the frequency spectrum, and as such, are best experienced with either headphones or speaker systems that can yield very high and very low frequencies without issue. Lossless file formats are also encouraged, to minimize the reduction of these frequencies and their presence within the recordings. 
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