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So, I uh, might have somewhat spur of the moment (but not really, been wanting this for a while) put a system in my car. Was initially going to just upgrade speakers but my wife talked me into going m

Considering Ae dropped 8 hours of music that year with no hype but a facebook post it was a bit much for a 25 minute EP 

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I finally got a chance to listen to my limited edition collapse EP vinyl. I'm certainly no audiophile, but I have a good ear for that shit and haven't noticed any issues with surface noise. 

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What's that supposed to mean? She's been getting negative feedback from people about the EP that she says such a thing? I mean also it's so stupid, I can't imagine people who would be writing to Jlin saying "hurr durr have you heard prolapse?" like yeah, most likely she has. Most likely even more than that (I mean collaboration and emails exchange). How detached from reality should you be to be asking such things? Jesus.

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I got my replacement from Warp. It has the same issue.


I'm sorry.  It's a bad copy.



The clip you posted earlier had the same crackling noise that's on other mediums as well.  His recordings are just noisy.  Unless it's some other objection you had with it.

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Where's that clip?


Have you tried a different player or stylus? If it isn't a bad batch, then maybe it's the often touted loudness of the cut exaggerating some minor tracking issue in your setup.

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Third listen through now.  Man, it was a real dick move not including Pthex on the vinyl lol.  Such a great track, maybe my favourite... though 1st 44 is excellent.  Hard to say.  Pthex kind of bookends the whole thing, brings the collapse theme back.  But yeah, the drum programming and deep bass stuff is really satisfying throughout.  Sounds like he's using the computer again for the surgical edits.  That's what I've missed most with everything post Drukqs.  The pure analogue stuff is great too, but he does the integration of the two mediums so well.  Would be nice to hear some of the melodic stuff a bit more upfront with a wider stereo embrace, but it's fun to dig a bit more for that too.


I wonder if 1st 44 is a reference to his life leading up to the time he released Syro... would have turned 44 roughly a month prior, right?  And that like was a turning point of sorts.  Alright... that's enough embarrassing fanboy speculation for this post.


I like this EP quite a bit.

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People saying that vinyl is naturally noisy is not true at all.  A brand new record or one kept in good condition should have zero surface noise such as crackles, pops etc..  It's not until a record becomes well worn, scratched up, not well cared for that it develops that kind of surface noise.

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the build-up after the collapse in t69 is the best part in the whole track. the durichroma version loses the pacing imo

[_] Disagree

[✓] Strongly Disagree




I think the durichroma mix is perfect. The transitions are better and the little bonus acapella plinky plonky bit is lovely. Also makes for a better contrast when the rhythmic thumpy bit kicks in and all the little hairy fellas on the back of me neck start their tingly parade





oh yeah.


"durichroma" = "time duration"? i.e., "full length"?


i hope some warpsters weren't like some of the people posting they don't like the middle section, and preferred the abridged version for a single.


that third part of the middle section is great and was missed from t69 collapse. the extra bit in the last 3rd of the song definitely fills it out and gives it a nice epic feel.

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:facepalm: which one of you losers is this



This would be perfect for a drinking game: Every time he touches his face/rubs his "beard" -  drink. 


Super-smashed in 30 seconds version: Add every time he says "like" or "sort of" 

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Footwork footwork footwork garage garage ambient tencho

I'm so sick of the genre comparisons.

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:facepalm: which one of you losers is this



This would be perfect for a drinking game: Every time he touches his face/rubs his "beard" - drink.


Super-smashed in 30 seconds version: Add every time he says "like" or "sort of"

Cunt's so autistic he cant make eye contact with a fucking camera lens

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