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So, I uh, might have somewhat spur of the moment (but not really, been wanting this for a while) put a system in my car. Was initially going to just upgrade speakers but my wife talked me into going m

Considering Ae dropped 8 hours of music that year with no hype but a facebook post it was a bit much for a 25 minute EP 

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i just had to listen, and it's so so good. hearing this in good quality must be mind blowing, it has all the bits i love about aphex but at the same time new approaches. can't wait!

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... you just think you're above it probably because you feel alienated by it culturally...


Disagree. One of the key tenets (IMHO of course) is that good music transcends class, race, ethnicity, culture, gender, etc. It's one of the main reasons I've always been drawn to electronic music.


Making an argument that you don't like footwork because you "don't get it culturally", to someone that actually appreciates just straight up GOOD music, is bogus.

Nicely put.

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iunno.. for the people trying to figure out the footwork thing maybs check the footwork thread


also I only rlly got the feels for it when I saw ppl dance to it is p amazon imo





nwae, not trying to derail

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I guess I am too white and/or too old to get footwork or trap. But I don't get the gushing that acid gets around here either (not that I don't enjoy the occasional 303 gurgles and farts). People like different things....the mind boggles.

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the mind boggles and watmm shpergles. 1st 44's scream reminds me of death grips always. abundance's intro is a lot like that tuss intro with the old silo website thing. all this makes me wanna flex renoise again  :music:  :happy:

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Wonder if we’ll see that MT1 t29r2 remix by Jlin officially released anytime soon? I’m surprised nobody is bothering to speculate what that was all about, especially when it was initially credited as ”Jlin & ???” on that DJ’s (forget who) SoundCloud podcast mix show thing. Quite strange and funny that we had part of the track of MT1 floating around for over a year.

im guessing jlin might have worked with rich to create new cuts for the live shows? or mixed hers in with it towards the end, miss tagged because he played a number of her tracks in live shows?

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For those who don't "get" jlin, listen to some African music that employs cross-rhythms and google how to feel the groove in polyrhythms, then plug in Kyanite by Jlin on a big soun system. Most of the cues for where you're supposed to feel the groove is in the bass/sub bass.


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For those who don't "get" jlin, listen to some African music that employs cross-rhythms and google how to feel the groove in polyrhythms, then plug in Kyanite by Jlin on a big soun system. Most of the cues for where you're supposed to feel the groove is in the bass/sub bass.



btw I think jlin peaked w infrared, I have not heard anything from her that tops that track or delves into new ground since then..



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this is easily the worst track I've ever heard


challenge accepted


oh fucking hell




this is one of my favorite songs



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I listened to the EP. Alas, I got no feels from it. It took me a few minutes to concede 1st 44 was him. I thought surely no way. 

Interesting things afoot on the rest, yea...but not the Richard I enjoy. Sorry, it's a bad ep. I'll look forward to the next shit.

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