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Richard is really creative and has a lot of ideas, sometimes they don't pan out down the road or as quickly as we would like. That's why we've seen a lot of things that haven't been released, like melodies, or sosw2, or the extended version of saw 1, or the best-of mastered soundcloud dump, or the extra orphan tracks on the aphex store. I'd put the weirdcore extra vids into that metaphorical bin for now until we've seen it with our own eyes.


I guess that's the best most perfect post 


Agree with both of you. Can relate to everything Bubba said. Rich throws some ideas around and we take them as a hard proof of long designed plan. Like in instance, when talking about sosw II, iirc all Rich said was something like "oh yeah, would be cool if warp put out a sosw II, maybe you guys should compile the tracks for me and make some playlists". Not seeing any official announcement there, but quite a bunch of people took it as such.


Melodies though did sound more like it was happening soonish (ehm, added with the bunch of hints by our bossman). Extended SAW 1 (or SAW 1.5) was/is more R&S and Apollo related in the spirit of 25 years anniversary, so I guess the possible delays etc. should be found on their end. Dunno about others, but I take the bleepstore with the mastered soundcloud tracks as "best of soundcloud dump". Yes, I know you're talking about vinyl and stuff but maybe plans changed. But I'm happy if I'm proved wrong and will gladly take every badger release Rich puts out.







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Credit: Span




Imagination and have Fun:)


Anyone know if there's plans to do videos for any of the tracks on this new EP ?


Yes. Here's one for T69 collapse:)



High Five to ya spi and mcbpete:)


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