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    • a moth that is attracted to dark
    • attending a noise concert wearing noise canceling headphones
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    • Hiding the fact that you automated your own job.
    • Not being as high on the autism spectrum as you would like

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Most were close on the last one, guess that means the voting is getting difficult. And/or there's going to be lots more whining this time...and that's okay. This is general banter, after all. Not much else here but whining and complaining and shitposting


so what I'm saying is




and post your shit








start thinking up ideas for tracks based on these entries 'cause it could be any one of them  :cat:

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This isn't really about moths though, it is, by definition: A moth that is attracted to dark.

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Seems the final two are pretty much decided...gonna give it a couple more days just in case there's a last minute grassroots campaign or some shit :)


For those of you who voted and know the two in the lead, start deciding on your choice...I bet it's going to be a close race. 

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