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Luke Vibert - 2018 Tour Dates

Rubin Farr

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Aug 10 - Smart Bar, Chicago, IL


Aug 15 - F8, San Francisco, CA


Aug 16 - Re-Bar, Seattle, WA


Aug 17 - The Black Box, Denver, CO


Aug 22 - Aisle 5, Atlanta, GA


Aug 24 - El Cid, Los Angeles, CA


Aug 25 - Good Room, Brooklyn, NY


Nov 24 - La Grange a Musique, Creil, France

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I'll be at the SF show. F8 is the place where we did the Aphex Twin sound cloud dump listening party (and subsequent monthlies after that). Honestly, it's kind of an odd choice for venue since it's not very big.

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was sick. got lukie to sign my copy of drun n bass for papa, too!

I have been debating bringing the sleeve from We Hear You for him to sign, but I'm gonna be bopping around the city all day (from out of town) and would hate for anything to happen to it.

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Oh man! I haven’t checked this subforum in ages and now I feel sad. El Cid would have been an amazing place to see him (I played drums in a group that played there once). It’s basically a Mexican restaurant/bar with a stage that’s been in LA for ages. I’m pretty sure Guns N’ Roses played there when they were first starting out.


El “Cid”... get it?

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