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Here's one more before I peace out.



The comments are great....


'Listening to this helped me realize I'm okay with dying. Life is given more of a precious value because it ends, anyway. It'll just be my eternal rest from the wonderful experience I've had in my mortal existence. I love my life and I love how peacefully it ends, I think people should understand that feeling too. I wish people could just be happy with me."


"Dude, I'm just now finding out about Aphex...this shit is absolutely incredible. I wonder how profound his mindset had be to put these sounds together. This is like nothing I have ever heard before."


The last one is probably the least "profound" of the comments but the thing is, I feel the same as that guy and I've been listening to it since the mid 90's.

watch out he’s been listening since the mid 90s

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when i first got into aphex in 2006, i checked his catalog and found that "Chosen Lords" had been released a week ago. and at the time i remember thinking "shit! he's still actively putting out music!"


but now in retrospect i just think "dammit, if only i started just eight days earlier, i could say i've been actively listening to aphex pre-Chosen Lords" because that's way more important than appreciating his music or being enthusiastic about other fans' opinions.

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What if it’s like....it’s ok to have different opinions, man.




That would disrupt the leftist/rightist music appreciation continuum that is the DNA of WATMM .


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