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Terry Riley: In C (Meat Beat Manifesto mixes)


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Surprised this hasn't been posted already, should hopefully appeal to a few watmm's...






Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto in a unique remix of Terry Riley’s legendary minimalist masterpiece ‘In C’, performed by the Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble. Composed in 1964, first recorded for release in 1968, this 2009 performance was remixed within earshot of the same San Francisco Bay foghorns which inspired Riley in the early sixties.
Limited edition album of just 499 copies on neon yellow vinyl, available now for pre-order only from Electronic Sound
In C (Version #1) (Riley) [20:52]
In C (Version #2) (Riley) [7:53] In C (Version #3) (Riley) [8:30] In C (Version #4 V.2) (Riley) [6:38]
Remixed by Jack Dangers at TapeLab, CA
Performed by the Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble
Director: Bill Ryan
Copyright Electronic Sound 2018

EDIT: Bugger, stuck it in the wrong forum. Can a mod move to New Releases please?

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yeah that's what i heard. i guess thats the mbm take? something about a remix of in c seems weird to me, its beauty is in its how it unfolds live. its is a great piece of modern performative comp, so to have "produced" electronics over it seems to undercut it? dunno, not trying to be a hater but im a snob but also kinda dumb. i need mbm beats and mbm samples and mbm humor

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