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Chevron - Good Morning Britain

Hugh Mughnus

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Didn't see a thread on this yet. Merge if there is one sorry. Really enjoyed Possibilities and some of the stuff he's had on facebook lately. Out today! Going to give a listen through. 




Blerp description:


"Seasoned raver Chevron hotfoots it over to Love Love Records (Lakker, Anklepants) for his latest album. Making a solid full-length from the classic club template of 303 and 808 is a challenge that has bested many producers down the years, but the former Planet Mu/Balkan Recordings head manages it with aplomb on Good Morning Britain. It’s probably because the one born Jonathan Valentine has been around long enough to understand the importance of pacing yourself. As such, in between the Braindance, electro and acid house jams Chevron allows the listener to catch their breath with some slo-mo synth-funk (‘Sark’) and solo keyboard vignettes (‘Horfa útum gluggann’)."





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First listen through - blerp description is pretty much spot on. Sounds like he's channeling DMX krew in some places. 


Nice album, a bit on the short side though (I really wanted more!). 

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