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Clark - E.C.S.T. T.R.A.X. (12" EP)


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The harpsichord track is pretty nice but it’s kind of just there. I really wish he’d turn the corner here and start a new direction. These tracks are promising but they are kind of like that superscope release in that, well, they are just there...



edit: but yea, that mix is super nice. I’ll take more of that!


edit 2: this mix is super dope. There is hope for my boy!

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I haven't read past comments, just now getting around to this, but reminds me A LOT on the surface of Lorenzo Senni, whose intentions and ideas are wonderful and different but falls kind of flat on my ears when executed. It's not just the lack of percussion or beats either, which I kind of hope come but never do, it just doesn't seem to be as dynamic as other instrumental arpeggio heavy electronic music often is.

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      He posted this yesterday, what could it be?

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      Has he left Warp? His latest single and TV score have been self released even though the last Panthers, an album in the same style, was on warp.
      In this interview here:
      it says: "Following an expansive discography of LPs on Warp from 2001 to 2017"
      Does that mean he doesn't release on the label anymore? I hope not but I'd still follow him of course.
      An argument against it would be that he is still listed in the active artists section on warp.net
      PS. Lol to this text color.
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