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I wonder when Aleksi is going to mix up his sound a bit.


The variation in his music between the Ovuca releases, Project V and the early Mental Union stuff is pretty phenomenal - and i like it all.


I acquired the first 6 or so colundi releases until i realised that it was going to go on indefinitely.


I'd be really keen to hear some more breaks in his music again,

Having bought literally everything from his earlier Rephlex days, and every Colundi release/artifact besides the Clone compilations, I can agree with this. Colundi was and is superb stuff, and I do enjoy it still, it has a lot of mileage, but...I am beginning to feel like there's less and less need to keep hearing more configurations of the same microtonal sinewave stuff now. I liked the samples on this, and will likely pick it up at some point, but I'm no longer rushing out the door for Colundi I think.


Also, gotta say it - part of this exhaustion comes from all of the runaround involved in how he releases most of this stuff. In Sunshine 1's defense, it's coming out traditionally at a regular record label, and that's possibly the most refreshing thing about it for me. Getting really turned off by all of the Facebook zealotry/land acquisition/new age mystique/pretentiousness, and having to wade through that and email bids out and shit like that...just to get some music...dude, I've got a six year old kid who just started first grade and I'm tired! The only thing I'm feeling desperation for is fucking coffee.


Anyway, rant over. Roll on Aleksi. Looking forward as always, and no, I'm not at the point yet where I want to sell my #1/10 wire recording...

yes this is a puzzle for me. when i spoke with aleksi 2 or 3 years ago he said all the colundi facebook stuff is grant and for me it is pretty lame and kind of embarrassing. grant is a cool guy on facebook otherwise but the lack of detail and follow-through is frustrating. electronic music has a long history of myth-making but it just seems to fall really really flat this time. if you recall even joyrex was suckered into the kickstarter to buy a patch of dirt or something. I think most of us are in agreement that the music aleski makes is sublime and we would like to support it as much as possible but tend to falter when the obfuscating and bewildering colundi cult stuff rears its head on facebook. this is why i'm glad clone and nina have recognized that aleksi is a serious fucking talent and have put out some stuff on wax. i just wish grant could be upfront about what he wants to do with the colundi thing. if it's enticing and seems cool im listening, but as it stands i'm out. and frustrated.

Yeah I got the vibe from the hilarious gearslutz q&a with grant and aleksi that the colundi was mainly grant, and it's all a really high concept joke/marketing tool


"colundi was first channelled to earth via the cyclops, the ancient egyptian/mesopotanian<->south american civilizations, wisdom passed via Flavius Claudius Antonius, arriving in Britain at the end of the Dark Ages. Discovered in the tomb of Saint Edward King and Martyr by John Wilson-Claridge towards the start of our last century, then presented to Grant on his 33.3rd birthday by the elder colleagues, owing to his/colleagues' exploration and propagation of braindance thusfar. so continuing the old work was vestigial; because it was complete."

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wow two Aleksi's in one week!!!



More incoming according to Aleksi on Facebook:

Starlight 1 – Nov 12

Starlight 2 – Nov 26

Moonshine – Dec 10

Starlight 3 – Dec 24


Has anyone heard anything about a digital release of Sunshine 1?

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