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This is very Monolith...  I like how warm and dreamy it is.  I'm not a big 707 fan, but that's just personal taste, heh...  And it's hard to say if the detuning's slightly overdone or not...  The arrangement ebbs and flows nicely, so you don't get bored by repetition.  It has just the right amount of depth too.  It could probably do with a B section, but that's more a critique of a whole genre...  Very nice, I like it.  It ends a bit sud--

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Sorry, quoting is the only way this thread let's me listen while I reply. Okay, loving the bit around 2:45. Overall, this is beautiful and it's right up my alley. I agree with a previous poster that this ends too suddenly. I was kinda hoping for an ambient breakdown where you peel back some of the layers. Lovely tho. 

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