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The Future Sound of London - Archived 9

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CD tracklist:

1. Ocea
2. Semi Conscious Participant
3. Silent Midnight
4. Halfer
5. Embodied
6. Super Tide
7. Without You It's Meaningless
8. Oska Traveller
9. Slow Moving World
10. Propagate
11. Photographs Of An Object
12. A Constantly Changing Mind
13. Confirmation Bias
14. These Days
15. Riverbed
16. Extruded
17. Views Of A Empty Sky


LP tracklist:

A1: Ocea (6.38)
A2: Semi Conscious Participant (2.27)
A3: Silent Midnight (4.12)
A4: Halfer (4.34)
A5: Embodied (3.47)
A6: Super Tide (3.22)
B1: These Days (4.31)
B2: Slow Moving World (1.53)
B3: Propagate (3.41)
B4: Without You Its Meaningless (5.15)
B5: Light (3.05)
B6: Extruded (3.29)
B7: Views Of An Empty Sky (3.32)
B8: Plenary (1.24)

CD exclusives:
'Oska Traveller'
'Photographs of an Object'
'A Constantly Changing Mind'
'Confirmation Bias'


LP exclusives:


Various sites have release date listed as 29th September, 5th October and 19th October so far.

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When will we see on FSOLdigital?

Hopefully this week.


Wooooooo! I <3 FSOL! Haven't been keeping track of other archival releases, would y'all recommend all of them? Some? Which are the best?

The first four archives are quite patchy - lots of good tracks, but some very obvious 'outtake'-like tracks, and they're all cut up without linking sections so don't flow so well. Worth a listen, but the later ones are better. I think 7 is probably regarded as the best... other than a very Dead Cities-era track, none of it's easy to pin down to a particular era and it could just about pass for a completely new album. 5 is very Dead Cities in tone, 8 is quite a skeletal, heavily electronic record that doesn't really sound like anything else in their catalogue. The first half of 6 is particularly excellent.

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They reissued the first 3 volumes I believe with continuous mixes on CD.

They've only been made available digitally so far - don't think there are any plans to release the 'enhanced' versions on CD.


http://www.fsoldigital.com/product/archived-9/ Archived 9 is up for pre-order now, with copies shipping on Saturday for an official release date on Monday. Just ordered the CD and can confirm it comes with a download of the vinyl-only bonus tracks.

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i liked 6.5

6 + 6.5 was the peak for me, but most of the later ones have been very solid.
They mean Environments, not the Archives series.

Bah you’re right. My mistake

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^^^ Having only heard 6 and 6.5, I can confirm.


Highly recommended!


Thanks for the tip, Extralife!


I initially passed those Environments albums, but I'm really digging those. I'm still working through the buttload of archives/environments, but the standout tracks that have passed by coincidently were from those 6 and 6.5 environments! Great stuff. :)

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First listen: Archived 9 is quite the treat.  Much more focused and IDMish than some of their more soundcapey stuff.  I kinda love that I can't really tell the difference between the new tracks and the older ones.  Really flows nicely as an album here.  The Archives keep getting better and better somehow...

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    • By zazen
      So I'm sure a lot of you know this one but this was the BEST mix of Humanoid. And this video just works so I had to post it.
      And you probably all know that this was Future Sound of London, or half of them, or something.
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      has a very 1970s, exploitation vibe.
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      Raven Bush - Violin
      Peter Judge - Trumpet
      Virgil Howe - Drums
      Anthony Argiros - Guitar
      Nat Steele - Vibraphone
      John Dalton - Harp
      Rainy Moor - Hammond
      John Dalton (again?) - Saxophone and Flute
      Kez Gunes - Bass    
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      01 – KAAGE (05:15)
      02 – Static Objective (04:07)
      03 – Aennuiosk (04:44)
      04 – Event Null (04:29)
      05 – Void Over (03:10)
      06 – LoadedMethod (03:44)
      It's a lot less acid than other Humanoid stuff, much more IDM. Really good stuff. Digital is 50% off as part of the FSOLDigital sale. Rumours of a 12" to follow at some point.
    • By fumi
      It's been out a while and yet I couldn't find a thread about it.
      This is a surprisingly good album , harking back to those incredible broadcasts they use to do back in the day. It has all the copyright watermarks etc to give it a real archive feel. While there are quite a few new pieces int this continuous 49 minute piece, they cleverly sprinkle in lots of old early 90s samples that had me misting up. Great stuff.
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