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This track is one of the most beautiful ones out of the bunch IMO. It hits a spot emotionally for me that no other tune has done in such a raw way. The beginning is like

a timid hope, then it descends into some of the most lonesome hole with fleeting melodies reminiscent of that initial hope. Kinda reminds me of the progression of love lost and the realization that come with such before gathering up and moving on. But that also could be because the title hints at something to do with his previous lady.


No song has ever broke me down as hard as this one. Absolutely brutal and brilliant. I have to pick when I can listen to it because it brings up a lot for me. I won’t get too into personal stuff but it has actually made me break down in tears from feeling like I was holding my emotions well. Thanks for the cry Richard (creepiest thing I’ve posted so far, WATMM)


‘Preciate this mfkin track, yo.

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