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Rezzett Mini US Tour

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    • By Joyrex
      Thanks to the generous folks at WARP, I've got two tickets to Aphex Twin's show in New York City at Avant Gardner on 11 April 2019!

      To enter the giveaway, all you need to do is reply ONCE to this thread and on this Friday, 18 January (the day the general admission tickets go on sale) I'll pick a winner at random. In the case the winner is not bringing anybody, the second ticket will be offered to a second randomly chosen person.

      You can also sign up via Aphex Twin's Bleepstore for advance ticket sales: https://aphextwin.warp.net/nyc

      I'll PM the winners and get their contact info to forward onto WARP so you can be put on the guest list!

      You must be a registered member on this forum - if you're not registered, register and you can then enter the contest. Post ONCE in this thread - don't spam the thread and make me sort/count more than I need to. DO NOT register duplicate accounts - if we catch you, you'll be disqualified. What to post? Post why you'd like to see Aphex in NYC, or what you're hoping he'll play, etc. Please no one-word posts or anything rude, etc. This thread will close on Friday, 18 January at 4:00 CT and the last post in thread I will announce who won shortly afterwards. Please do NOT post if you cannot or have no intention of being able to make it to NYC for the show. Anybody thinking of turning the tickets around on eBay, etc.- forget it. You're being added to the guest list for the show by WARP themselves, so that's not gonna work. If for some reason the winner(s) cannot make it, please contact me ASAP, and I will pick another random winner(s) and let WARP know the change in attendees.
    • By Joyrex
      Lofidelic Records on SoundCloud posted this live recording of Aphex Twin at Limelight NYC from 1991 or 1992:

    • By cooliofranco
      18 November 2016
      23:59 - 09:00
      Venue / Secret Location - TBA
      Cost / 15-25
      Promoters / Outwatch
      Evan Baggs 
      Saverio Celestri 
      OMAR (UY)
      Cool and Frank (live) <--------------- yo
    • By Salvatorin
      Low End NYC Presents Goth Trad
      Goth Trad will be playing at Cameo Gallery on thursday 9pm.
      the openers are:
      Dub Fiction soundsystem (Live),
      Valerie Molano,
      Venue Information:
      Cameo Gallery
      93 N. 6th St.
      Brooklyn, NY, 11211
      i think i will go to this. i love goth trad. i just love his industrial and abstract and frequently harsh approach to the original dubstep sound. And so deep. eeeeeee
      it says it starts at 9. the probably means he won't even be playing until like midnight anyway doesn't it....?
    • By Salvatorin
      any brooklyn or nyc or watmers wanna chill?
      pm me plz/

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