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030303 Records 7 inch: Binarizer - Ik zag je dansen / Splitradix - Cross Connection


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Someone else already posted this in the "new releases" section, but I hope it's still allowed for me (being the artist) to post it here by myself? If it isn't the mods can delete it



  • a tad sad song about love-that-could-have-been
  • disguised as an acid-track
  • sung in a probably incomprehensable language (Dutch)
  • by a way too happy vocoder-voice
  • over a bouncy electrobeat....

What's missing?


That's right: a hand-drawn videoclip!

So here you have it. Released today for your pleasure (or whatever emotion it triggers). I added subtitles in pretty bad English but it should be enough to understand the lyrics


Limited edition 7" available through 030303 Records, Clone Records and selected recordstores worldwide

A-side: Binarizer - Ik Zag Je Dansen

B-side: Splitradix - Cross connection


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nice! enjoying this track :) drums sound petty tussy in a good way



Didn' t try to sound like anything, but especially those side-chained tambourines have a tussy vibe indeed

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Quite charming and fun actually. Enjoyed it more than I thought I was going to, no offense.

That's the opposite of an offence in my dictionary :)


Can't remember the last time of being offended btw, it's a pretty useless emotion (unless you love walking around with hurt feelings, possibly sharing them with whoever doesn't run away)

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