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Which are the new tracks on aphextwin.warp.net?


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Don't help him with this. The request is not only lazy, it's entitled. Next he'll be wanting rose petals scattered on the ground he walks on. Never even heard of the guy. Doesn't even say please. Let him learn the the hard way.

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No but after you go through and find them all and put together the tracklist please post the link to the google.doc here . Make sure you include all the relevant commentary in a notes column please.


How about we touch base on this Friday to see how you're going with this task ?

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Wrong answer. Dont baby him through this. You completely missed the point. You just blurted that out and now you've given him a starting point you generic hip funk soul cliché, you may as well have tipped your fedora to him when you posted that

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korg tracks 

tuss tracks 7 - 13

last track on syro.

london lp (some are newer than other but they are all relatively new)


t69 collapse durichroma

12-19 on ICBYD

2 mixes not for cash

clissold 101 - last track on SOSW

drukqs 2 track promo - not "new" per se

9-11 on Orphaned deejay selek

choirdrill on HAB

track 6 on windowlicker

gak - 5-9

come to daddy tracks 9-11

girl-boy - 7-9

ventolin - 7-8

analord 7 - lisbon acid original live version.

track 31 on drukqs (unreleased prepared piano track)

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