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Another BoC Bites The Dust (MashUp)

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Had an idea to do this ages ago, after listening to Nlogax and it making me think Freddie's acapella from Another One Bites The Dust would fit on top nicely...

Finally got around to it a couple of weeks ago. The results were inconclusive.
:emb:  :beer:



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In the name of God I hate and always will hate Queen (wut)


Fuck them!


So I'm just twatted on ale and chocolate and finally gave in to this (because I'm drunk on ale) and pressed play....

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hahah ya fucking fucker


big gay acid orgy at hexagon sun with a Freddie mask on!!!


it's real it's going on right now!


no Freddie mask? no bum fuck.

Edited by beerwolf
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on a serious note, I heard on the radio the other day the reason why Freddie looked liked a fucking rodent is because he had an extra 4 incisor teeth


true story


another true story is Brighton Rock rules but Boards Of Canada rules harder


just like you ravedamage

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