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Rubin Farr

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mastered by Bob Macc...


As in Robert Macciochi (of Macc & DgoHn)? 


edit: yeah I guess he has his own studio and mastering co. 




The first two tracks you get for preordering that comp (incl. the vibert one) are p good. 

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Where is that main bit at the beginning sampled from? I typed the whole beginning vocal part into google and got nothing. 


I know he's used bits and pieces of that in other tracks. Is that actually Luke and not sampled? 


I feel like there's something I'm missing here. Like the crossover between u-ziqs bass bins "watch yer bass bins I'm tellin' ya" and vibert's "not your bass bins... yer brain cells". 





Maybe this should be in the luke vibert sample spotting thread sorry.

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