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Secret Santa MMXVIII

Tricone RC

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Sending out mine tomorrow. Unlikely that it'll arrive before the day though.

Bit nervous about my selection, it's alright but there's no real slamdunk gift in there. Didn't think of that before I committed to buying an internet stranger a bunch of gifts. 

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Mine only went out yesterday (not my fault I swear! or something)


So fear not if you don't have anything yet - you may be my gift-giving target in which case you'll probably get something in early Jan...

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My secrete santana gift arrived today and I want to shout out whoever sent it, because it is most excellent and makes me feel bad about my poor college boi contribution. Payday is tomorrow so I may add to mine - but yeah, whoever had me, thank you so much, quite lush. 

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Digging the music comp, some old and some new. Hail Santa!



1 Accept - Lost Girls
2 Shaman (How I Became) - Zoë Mc Pherson
4 chowsey in upstyled one… - Anklepants
5 6017302 A - zvλd
6 Face the pastries - Datach'i
7 d1edit - Mafgar
8 Eden Park - Lantern
9 Dårligt 12 Woh Haa - Dårligt
10 Tea Drinker - Deelay Ceelay
11 Atlas 7:07 - Battles
12 All Deth Is U [codeNAM… - FIRE-TOOLZ
13 Pure Expenditure - Hiro Kone
14 The Frontier - Avalon Emerson
15 A Window - upsammy
16 Primal//Carnal - Chelsea Wolfe
17 This Is Dissent - Nordra
18 This is not okay - Nomadic War Machine
19 Jungle Core - Zorg
20 Sayonara Tsutara - Bogdan Raczynski
21 Charade - Ruby My Dear
22 ◙◙◙ - qebrμs
23 Escapism 庇 - Hyph11e
25 Fuck That - Death Grips
26 Sleepless - MAERE
27 Rhesus Negative - Blanck Mass
28 Thieves/Kings -n P.O.S.
29 Ellipsis - Flown
30 Glaze - Container
31 Earth Duo - Auditor
32 Maybe This is Ok - Sunnli5hh/t
33 For Otto - BEAST



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So I was assigned twice? Seems I received another package addressed to “ghosty” today... haven’t opened it yet because I’m at work but I’ll post pics later. Thanks Santas!



EDIT:  Nvm, I'm dumb... that was from something else, not watmm. 

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Been out of my house for a while, so only just opened mine today. It was an ace Autechre themed cribbage set and pack of cards! Photo to follow tomorrow.


Apologies to my secret santee, my package to you is still sat here but now I'm home I will post it tomorrow


Love to ya moms xx

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