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Secret Santa MMXVIII

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Been out of my house for a while, so only just opened mine today. It was an ace Autechre themed cribbage set and pack of cards! Photo to follow tomorrow.


Apologies to my secret santee, my package to you is still sat here but now I'm home I will post it tomorrow


Love to ya moms xx

Hope you like it! It's a lot rattier than I had originally planned but at least the cards look nice

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Digging the music comp, some old and some new. Hail Santa!



1 Accept - Lost Girls

2 Shaman (How I Became) - Zoë Mc Pherson


4 chowsey in upstyled one… - Anklepants

5 6017302 A - zvλd

6 Face the pastries - Datach'i

7 d1edit - Mafgar

8 Eden Park - Lantern

9 Dårligt 12 Woh Haa - Dårligt

10 Tea Drinker - Deelay Ceelay

11 Atlas 7:07 - Battles

12 All Deth Is U [codeNAM… - FIRE-TOOLZ

13 Pure Expenditure - Hiro Kone

14 The Frontier - Avalon Emerson

15 A Window - upsammy

16 Primal//Carnal - Chelsea Wolfe

17 This Is Dissent - Nordra

18 This is not okay - Nomadic War Machine

19 Jungle Core - Zorg

20 Sayonara Tsutara - Bogdan Raczynski

21 Charade - Ruby My Dear

22 ◙◙◙ - qebrμs

23 Escapism 庇 - Hyph11e


25 Fuck That - Death Grips

26 Sleepless - MAERE

27 Rhesus Negative - Blanck Mass

28 Thieves/Kings -n P.O.S.

29 Ellipsis - Flown

30 Glaze - Container

31 Earth Duo - Auditor

32 Maybe This is Ok - Sunnli5hh/t

33 For Otto - BEAST




I'm confused, you got a mixtape of some sort?

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Digging the music comp, some old and some new. Hail Santa!


I'm confused, you got a mixtape of some sort?


My secret santa gave me music files via email, the compilation came with artwork.




Les trésors de Satan - Jean Delville



Delville emphasized the perils of materialism and sensuality in an image of souls ensnared by the tentacles of Satan: The Treasures of Satan, 1894, Royal Museums of Art, Brussels. In this work the voluptuous sinners are not so much being punished as they are being trapped at a low level of spiritual evolution. The depths of the sea corresponds to their low development. They are trapped by being fixated on material treasures: jewels, pearls, and sensuality. They are also the "Treasures of Satan", being trapped by him. Satan, although handsome and graceful, is himself a low-level being, as revealed by his tentacles. His physical form reveals his spiritual nature.


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I have been absolutely terrible this year, it is ready to send out Saturday. Think my gift arrived at work today but forgot to pick it up on the way home. Reminded me that I'm useless and completely forgot.


Will post pictures when I get it home.

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I've not got anything yet BUT haven't sent mine out either. karma in action. It's all sitting in a box ready to go. atm too hardup for postage. Got some shit on ebay though so hopefully if that sells will be ready

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To my surprise I received more gifts :biggrin: I'll save the cords for my future synthesizers (bucket list). And this book looks real interesting, I'm curious to see what it says about meditation. Meditating makes me hear a faint seashell resonance noise in the ears, so maybe the book will touch on that. Anyway, thanks for all the gifts secret satan :diablo: and I hope all is well, HNY.


An exciting guide to ways of listening and sounding. This book provides unique insights and perspectives for artists, students, teachers, meditators and anyone interested in how consciousness may be affected by profound attention to the sonic environment.


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Sent my package off yesterday, hope the receiver enjoys at least some. 


Damn, forgot to take a picture of the fantastic haul I received, will do soon.

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My package is ready, so the hard part is over, but I didn't make it to the post office due to waking up at 11am yesterday. So it'll be on its way to my santee next saturday at the very latest, but hopefully sooner than that

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I think I said I'd send it a couple of weeks ago in this thread. It's still sitting in my hallway slowly collecting additional small gifts. Before the end of january! Or at least before summer's over.

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I got mine Friday THANKS A MILLION! :)


...and sent my one Saturday.. I hope you enjoy it/them!!



Here's what I got:


Not the jam 

A  doggy italia house record!

A dodgy techhouse record

A dodgy gabba record

Real nice Chevron 7"

A decent Scorcher 12"

Poker die  - need to google how to use!

A nifty fisheye lens for my phone


Fabs stuff allround!


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I was hoping to post this week but because I am an idiot and didn't check the listing properly on something I planned to send I received a record rather than a CD. I'll get it off next week, although as I have not had anything yet I am not too racked with guilt.

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I have received and, finally, also sent. Hope the package reaches my santee before easter at least.
Thank you santa for these incredible gifts! Lovely tunes (36 ep is lush af), racist candy and that ham goddamn!



ps I love you too :catbed:


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Got a very diverse mix of films and some other interesting bits on Thursday, thanks! Will post some pics later, fairly sure a lot of the movies would be up hellospiral's street.

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