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some sections would see to need a different approach, like 161 - 166 for instance


it seems that there's more to it than just a one pixel window. also these ones are so minimal that you can really see the correlation between color, coordinate and the sound changing

I dunno, it looks the same to me, just that the images are much more minimal. They're still scrolling, but you just don't notice it because the source images are probably just vertical lines with occasional other stuff

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XHK_3 (tracks 81-120, 1hr 4min) - this one starts off very well, both sound/visuals in 81-90.




XHK_4 (tracks 121-160, 1hr 1.5min)




Sorry if I'm irritating some other posters, just trying to digest this down into chunks for those happy listening along.

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Big acousmatic vibes here.






Acousmatic compositions are sometimes presented to audiences in concert settings that are often indistinguishable from acoustic recitals, albeit without performers. In an acousmatic concert the sound component is produced using pre-recorded media, or generated in real-time using a computer. The sound material will then be distributed spatially, via multiple loudspeakers, using a practice known as diffusion. The work is often diffused by the composer (if present) but the role of interpreter can also be assumed by another practitioner of the art. To provide a guideline for spatialisation of the work by an interpreter, many composers provide a diffusion score; in its simplest form this might be a graphic representation of the acousmatic work with indications for spatial manipulations, relative to a time-line.
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It's def a scrambled photo or a series of them. That's a:






With Donervan's geolocation skills we can track down where it is and find the stash of DVDrs full of pre-incunabula tracks :^)

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I'm uploading to Mega now... redownloaded this morning because youtube-dl didn't automatically fetch the highest resolution. What I have now is f22, 960x720.


The best audio-only stream I could get is f140, which seems to be ~128 kbps AAC LC, those are up already: https://mega.nz/#F!tEIW2AbZ!Q1NF5b-h8PvaehDjv09hTQ

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