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Nord G2 Patches

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since i don't own a G2 i am using the Nord Virtual Modular, and most patches open and make the sounds normally thru the virtual keyboard


problem is, i don't know to sequence the sound. do i have to use the physical G2? or there is a way thru the software?
or, the sequence comes from the MPC?


sorry for noob questions but just imagine how much i want to learn this stuff right now

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There are surprisingly no midi note sequencers in the patches on the g2 (some seqs for modulation). Pretty sure it is MPC that is handling that, or maybe live played in on MPC pads? Set list notes say the sliders on MPC are for patch vol and switching variations 1-8 (vars also include starting out muted in most patches) so they are being muted and varied that way.


need someone with an MPC 1000 to dig into what is being sent out from midi channels 1-4. Or confirm that it is jammed live?


yeah having a play now fizp is on slot A of the perf (note the capital) and var #7 is where it starts out muted, swapping to var 1 brings in that first  g2 sound A11 - acid twangbass 07 A11_SHshrtRX_4br [sHstuffle SHstamma gseXd SHstukix fizpAtc#7-1]

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