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AE LIVE ‘08 - post replica submissions here

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as of 9:59pm PST, on 10/16/20 ...   I T   I S   D O N E !!!       1.3GB currently uploading to WeTransfer.  

Nice, thanks man. Been at it since yesterday, digit and I have been PMing about mixing. I don't want to tease, all I'll say is: @digit is a dirty dirty boi  

making good progress! figuring out robs nord tricks piece by piece. everything is finished with final audio recorded except for 2 sections which total about 10 minutes. of course i left the hardest se

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Ah right.


If I have MD & MM, and live jam an 1-hour-long set, and record it to a DAW without keeping track of tempo/pattern changes then yes, someone wanting to add MPC & Nord would find it hard (not impossible but hard).


But the screenshot I've uploaded is from a Reaper project where I've taken care of the tempo and pattern changes. So once I upload the reaper project, different people can share it and record and their recordings will stay in sync.

Very nice man. Impressed with both the recording and the effort you put into the Reaper project. Reaper is my DAW of choice, i'll definitely check it out if you upload it. Won't be able to contribute much, maybe a bit on the virtual G2 side if we can extract all of the MPC sequences.

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^^ Yeah exactly.


Eczem, I was about to ask if you've got Reaper - that's awesome you do, I'll tidy the project and upload it later today.

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Replica submission of Ae's Echoplex gig.


MD & MM only, recorded in Reaper. No post-processing.


Only a few parameter tweaks done in real-time to match the original recording; otherwise, elektrons left unchanged.


Will upload reaper project soon.


Massive respect to SB & RB for making the sysex files available.


a job beyond sick!



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Reaper project attached :)


If someone's got Reaper/MPC1K and would like to try out ReaNINJAM (Reaper's online jamming feature), let me know.


Would be grAEt to book a small venue and play it loud at some point.

Great, thanks! 




WOOOAAAHHHH!!!! It's perfect like this, alone! Quaristice's sound on the way... plus the lamentations of the deformed brother of rob (Sloth Brown) chained in the cellar



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but also


hello spiral

Today at 10:29 PM

but needs the nord and MPC stuff



Today at 10:30 PM

yeah it does need robs parts to make sense, most of the clever stuff tbh

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Very happy. Now I wish I (or someone I knew) had access to the rest of the gear. Clearly, I'm missing "Rob's part" as well.


For the tempo mapping, I've done it for various tracks so I reckon I got pretty good/quick at it - it took me around 3.5 hours, started as soon as I heard about the sysex dump.


The pattern changes took 10-14 hours on and off; lots of starting/stopping, muting/unmuting between the recording, MD and MM; placing markers on Reaper etc. Plus it's 127 patterns, most of them having very subtle changes, so really tricky and it's obviously not 100% precise but quite close.

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really appreciate the amount of work you put into this, IOS!


i think Robs stuff will be difficult to replicate. a lot more jammy and freeform it seems like. you've got the mpc sequence/midi data, then the nords internal sequences & variations, and then all the controls on the bitstream which are meant to be tweaked realtime, along with the 2 qlink sliders on the mpc. :wacko:

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