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Syro on acid

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Maybe they do not interfere directly, but the effects of the shrooms could interfere with the cause of sertraline use (which could be different)

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Nina Kraviz's TRIP presents Don't Mess With Cupid, 'Cause Cupid Ain't Stupid, a double 12" compilation featuring AFX under the Universal Indicator alias with 15 c7 is pure Rephlex acid techno of the mid 90s variety.

Loaded up with uncertified bangers from the extended TRIP family, alongside AFX there are tracks from PTU, Bjarki, Pilldriver, Shadowax, Roma Zuckerman, Exos, DEKA and of course, Nina Kraviz herself.



Uh, old news...


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I can't do the trippings anymore, I've been thinking. I've been too weathered by the turbulent seas of life. I see things through a rough and tumble lens. These streets made me. Life is a trip. I can't trip, mane

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