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Analogue Bubblebath 5 up for auction (ebay)

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AFX Analogue Bubblebath 5 CAT 034 Rephlex Aphex Twin RARE VINYL


"Hi, this is a rare copy of Analogue Bubblebath 5 by AFX aka Aphex twin.




LABEL: Has CAT 34 written in turquoise water based felt tip on both sides, 1 side is smudged, whether it can be removed is up to the buyer to try if they want, it's only felt tip, but it was probably written on there 12 or 13 years ago.


VINYL: Excellent condition apart from 1 very very minor surface scratch, which is so shallow as to be nearly impossible to photograph. Anyway I attempted to point it out. It's probably been played a couple of times judging by marks by the centre hole.


SOUND: I'm not going to play this on my old record player as it will probably damage it more than anything but just looking at the condition is enough to tell me that it'll be absolutely fine.


SLEEVE: Will ship it in the inner sleeve it came in."

















Currently sat at £255, ends next Monday evening. Could be wrong, but this might be Ceephax selling...?  :unsure:

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The phax' posted it on his facebook, I think it is him selling it yes. 


Tempted but broke atm so no-can-bid.

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So can we look into crowdsourcing this like with the Caustic Window LP..?

I tried that at the time of the CWLP, but Richard/Grant weren't interested...

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Been a while since I checked watmm and wow I'm buying this folks.



Cost has gone up a tad!

Wow has it ever!

If it really is me, nah it wasn't... Wonder how high this will go

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