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Covert 3 (Touched Music)

Touched Music

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i will not be surprised if user364304579 is aphex, assuming kr ms800 bit is user364304579. kr ms800 bit is like my favorite song of the last 10 years.


would be better if it's not him, though. so there are multiple people making tracks that good ?

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3 hours ago, Somanymachines said:

Nicely decoded!

Although still unclear as to who some of these artists actually are.... Daryl = Darrell Fitton??


i don't know. yeah, the discogs poster did a nice job. here's the post from the discogs page:



I spent a little time examining the front cover, and found that if I assumed the large white pictographs translated to the album title, I could start deciphering recognizeable words. Please see images of this release for a breakdown of the translation, but the artists are listed from left to right below. Some artists were broken up over two columns. What I don't know is if the artists are listed in order of how they appear on the release. Some seem to line up with that assumption but the Plaid track would be an unusual turn for them if that is the case. I am not familiar with all of the artists to make a very comprehensive comparison of names to audio... All I know is that I had an enormous amount of fun doing this while listening to this great compilation!

Annwn Skyline
Quinoline Yellow
Karsten Pflum
John Tejada
Roel Funcken
Andrew Course
?? (UNCLEAR, Possibly "Lee and Frank" / [Lee Coombs & Frank Murder?])
Flint Kids
The Future Sound of London
Velum Break
Ariadnes Labyrinth
Sun Glitters
The Gasman

i'm pretty sure they are in order of the track list. the poster made some assumptions, but i didn't see any obvious issues

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