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Overmono - Whities 019


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nice one out on whities from the brothers russell. makes me want to revisit the recent kreggo release on LT





We've been big fans all all Overmono's work to date, so its a pleasure to present our final release of 2018 from the duo made up of real-life brothers Tessela and Truss. 

Whities 019 is a three-track 12" of varying styles, all showcasing an impressive dexterity with melody, texture and emotion. 



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^i dunno gets hype enough for me, but definitely feels like it could've gone farther/over the edge. They play with the tension (edging hehe) well. Dunno how I missed this thread, only checked this out because it was on some year end list or another, three v good tracks though.

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On 1/15/2019 at 6:45 AM, Salvatorin said:

i love how iii's front makes you think it is going to drop into the biggest fattest breakbeat hardcore and it never does. it's like edging

gRRReeeat track

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That new track "Pieces of 8" came out and it slaps. It was in the cart and I had vaguely remembered WATMM praise so I just did an impulsive, throw-it-in-the-bin deal at Bandcamp and it was the right move. I've had the 3 Arla EPs, Everything U Need, POLY011, Raft Living and the new single on a run and it's a quality crop of tracks. Aerially, it's like a BOC/SAWII rave. Salvatorin really did say it best about the restraint: edging 😂😇😔

let's chuck it in so you don't have to go looking:


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They are doing the next Fabric Presents release which will be hot.  2xLP with select tracks from the mix, plus a new track from them included.  Can't wait for it to turn up!






Just realised I can download the single which is called "If U Ever" from my fabric account already.  Cheers

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