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RX-101 EPs 1-4 cassette tape edition, + RX-101 T-Shirts

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Yes, repress of ep2 would be appreciated 


It'll probably happen at some point, but the problem is that the pressing plant where that one was pressed went out of business, and the stampers are gone. So we'd need to get it re-cut and everything - I'd need to know that we can sell at least 300 more copies to justify that expense again. I know there's some demand for it but not sure about 300 copies. Plus I have many other new releases to press before that.

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Down to about 15 copies of each of these tapes...

i want to grab all 4 on wax. any chance of an ep2 repress?



I answered above RE EP2 repress, but regarding the other 3... EP1 and EP4 are down to just a handful of copies. EP3 maybe about 50 left.

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An update on the tapes:


"EP 2" is now sold out (a recurring theme with that release!)


EPs 1, 3, 4 down to just 2 copies each...


On the vinyl front:


2 copies left of the "EP 1" restock on black vinyl.


EP 2 and 4 now totally sold out on vinyl.


EP 3 - yellow vinyl = 16 copies left / black vinyl = 35 copies left *


* each of the EPs were limited to 500 copies on vinyl, except EP 3 which was 600 copies (we accidentally oversold yellow vinyl so had to repress 100 more)


Don't sleep guys, this stuff will all be sold out soon...

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