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Orbital 30


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In an Orbital video, Paul Hartnoll was talking about his studio equipment and there was some interesting info in the background on his planner and it's related to Orbital's 30th Anniversary next year and the plans for a release and here's what it said.


So on the far left:


Orbital 30









The Box


= this is Orbital's idea they've had for a while now - to re-record, in the studio, the classic tracks as they are being played live now. So this is essentially a live style disc.


This will be 10 tracks for this disc. So there are still a few more to add to this list. I would imagine possible candidates for the last remaining spots: Forever, TGWTSIHH, Are We Here?, Doctor?, Crime, Sad But True (although think this is an outside chance), The Moebius (slim chance), OTS (but probably too long for the 10 tracks needed to fit on the disc)...not sure if there might also be some other candidates but these are the ore recent current tracks that have been in the live sets over last few years.


The middle panel:


Emergency Exit

Escape Hatch

Escape From Dartford


The End There Will (not sure whats written underneath that)


Now the top three are working titles for the next new album. The one that Paul has talked about taking Phil back to significant places to Orbital's growth./development over the years and he has taken field recordings from these places to include them as sounds making up this next new album.


The final bottom right panel:


Orbital 30



Utah Saints


Aphex Twin

Chemical Brothers




David Holmes

Vince Clarke


not sure if there is one more name under that but again this will be 10 tracks for this disc. So this is Orbital's idea to have some of their peers remix some classic tracks of theirs. Now this is an ambitious one and we've heard from P+P over the last few dates of the December tour that this is proving difficult as some people are too busy. This is an idea they might've needed to plan for a bit earlier. So not sure what will happen with this if they can get this organised or will have to come up with a new idea for this disc or a combination of who they can get to do a remix and then some other idea?


Now I think there will obviously be a third disc of 10 tracks (to make 30 tracks total) but at this point I don't know what this disc will be.

The other possibility is that they include the new album as that third disc but I'm not convinced that will be the way they go with putting that new material out.


So that's everything so far. It's an exciting set of ideas, and I'm dying to know what is going to be on that third disc but I think that they may not be able to pull off the remixes disc. Which could be the most interesting of all the discs if they managed to get that 5 star list of artists.

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Sounds like an interesting release, if it did come with one of the discs being a whole new album would be a real bonus, probably too much to hope for.

I think the album disc will happen. Just not sure about the remix disc. Fingers crossed ?

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Nah, proper album will be in 2020. Live style album will be interesting, but I have a feeling it will probably be something I play about five times and never again. Good as that remix lineup is, I never really listen to remix albums either so I'm sure that'll be in the same camp.


Now the field recordings and personal approach to the Escape album, that's something I'm genuinely excited about, even if it's longer away.

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Everytime I'm listening to Bicep's "Kites", I found a bit of an Orbital vibe into it (and in the album in general too). Like "Chime" updated.


Would be curious which track they will remix.

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Every Month, Orbital's been dropping a new remix of a classic from their backcatalog... (I'm assuming once all of them have been released, there will be a physical compilation?)

So Far we've seen:

Chime Re-Record (Special Request Remix)

Belfast (Anna Ambient and Techno Remixes)

Satan (Orbital 30 Something Years Later Remix)

Are We Here? (Dusky and Shanti Celeste Remixes)

Chime (Eli Brown Remix)

more to come...

wasn't there talk, at one point, that Aphex was going to be remixing something for them?

anyway, if this article is to be believed, we're also going to see digital releases and streaming of a bunch of the backcatalog that only ever saw vinyl pressings and some unreleased goodies from back in the day... (crossing fingers) and Reissues of all of their Albums.

I, for one, would love a nice clean copy of that Meat Beat Manifesto Remix of Oolaa from "Mutations"- I just have a muffly/scratchy vinyl rip...


Thirty-Something : r/Orbital

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