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kr ms​+​800 bit

trying to be less rude

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it's not a bad track, catchy enough and definitely sounds good, but a few bits about it make me think it's not RDJ. if it isn't Rich, which it probably isn't, whoever made it needs to look real hard at themselves in the mirror aping that Aphex-everything so goddamned hard. if it is Rich, okay, I can see why it's a b-side. :)

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User36434, from the “decoded” artists listed in the artwork.

Correct, first thing I thought about when I heard kr ms​+​800 bit was this track



ohh. the lipid funk person. thanks for the link. looks like that's purchasable, now, here: https://colorsquadrecords.bandcamp.com/album/c-o-l-o-r-s-q-u-a-d-0-4


i'm not hearing it being the same artist. i'm still thinking aphex for kr ms+800 bit. it has the alien artifact feel.

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