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Clark Unreleased Tracks - Dummy Magazine Dummy Mix 517


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    • By Herr Jan
      Thanks to Velazquez for providing us with this exclusive (and afaik, only) recording of DJ Warp playing only tracks and remixes by Luke Vibert - most notably is another Ventolin remix that hasn't seen the light of day before.
      2 player - extreme possibilities (wagon christ rmx) - ninjatune
      luke vibert - hey - dubplate
      luke vibert - seabass - dubplate
      ariel florida (vibert rmx) - dubplate
      smooth helmet - smooth helmet (plug rmx) - free zone 3-crammed/ssr
      luke vibert - mastermind - dubplate
      wagon christ - flip flop - lo recordings
      aphex twin - ventolin (luke vibert actual mix)
      jammin unit - totally unintelligent (plug mix) - lost n'space dnb-lacerba
      luke vibert & jean jaque perry - intro & schwing - lo recordings
      The ones in italic are unreleased (therefore nicked 'dubplate'). A couple of them could very well be tracks that were maybe candidates for Luke's second Warp album (that never came out).
      I asked DJ Warp if he had a better recording of this show, but unfortunately he doesn't have it anymore, but he did consider doing another one on Luke in the future :)
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