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[MCR] 06/04/19 - Lost Control w/ Jus-Ed (USA)

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As if we have been allowed to broadcast 5th dimensional signals for the last 6 years. We’ve been surfing on terminal velocity wave so far so thank you to everyone involved. Join us for another Warehouse Rave until the early hours of yester-tomorrow. Lets get together!


With it being our 6th birthday, we are hyper-teleporting in someone who blew us away (mentally + physically) last year at Freerotation Festival. Welcome all the way from the USA via Berlin; Jus-Ed. If you have seen this guy before, you’re in for a treat as he delivers [any hot noun goes here]. If you haven’t seen him before, you’re in for a treat as he delivers [any hot noun goes here]. Ed will be playing an extended set as well which all of us at House 4 Lyfe Space Mining Incorporated are highly enthusiastic about.


Inter-dimensional warm up comes from Lost Control’s ‘Black Eyes’ and his Doritos loving Lieutenant ‘Richard Midnite’. Expect music.


Outer-dimensional warm down comes from Leeds based orange clothes wearing Slacky. Owner/Inventor/Creator of the record label and party Space Ritual.


Jus-Ed (Underground Quality, USA)

Black Eyes (Lost Control)

Slacky (Space Ritual)

Richard Midnite





£5.05 Super Early Bird (Very Limited)

£8.08 Early Bird (Limited)

£12.10 Advance

More on the door


Tickets available here:




The White Hotel

Dickinson Street


M3 3LW




Listen back to our NTS Shows here:


Listen to Jus-Ed music here:





Phones at the door, eyes on the floor!



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