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Aphex Twin @ Avant Gardner 04.11.19


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Moving away from the Live Dates 2019 post to something more specific.


Let's get this outta the way:


Yep, Ticketfly sucks...the internet, bots, the world in general...sucks.

If Ticketfly screwed you over, Ceremonia would maybe pencil out cheaper, even with airfare and lodging, considering the inflated ticket price for the Brooklyn gig.  Unless you live within driving distance of NYC.

Coachella is wack af, aint nobody trynna do dat + 2 much $$$$$$.


So here we are.

The lucky few, like myself,  who would like to think they caressed their browser in all the right ways  (but probably just got lucky enough) to score a ticket for face value.  

And the disgruntled many, stomachs in knots as they ponder the authenticity of their secondhand tripleprice ticket.

Or the as yet ticketless soldiers out there who remain conflicted about how to proceed because capitalism is truly the most miserable experience.




TBH, all I really want out of this thread is insider info on supporting acts.......





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Well, I’m happy you started this thread!


I just got my plane ticket to NYC. I normally don’t get my tickets this far ahead, but round trip flights from LA>NYC were only $250. There are sandwiches that cost more than that. Probably.

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FWIW, I just booked Paradox for a gig in San Francisco the following week. Small chance he could be on the bill too. 




F8 1192 Folsom, Friday April 19th.


Will be announcing it in the coming weeks/releasing tix soon on our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/ParameterSF/


Might check that out.  Haven't seen much live music at home in the city since Autechre played a couple years back.  I see you also have Objekt coming up as well - very nice.  Not on facebook but I'll be checking back on the webpage for sure.



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I thought they didnt announce berlin support until like an hour before? Which included DOPPLEREFFEKT, skee mask, and luke vibert. Fucking lush selection so i'm hopeful


There has to be support though...doors are at 8pm and it's brooklyn, they wouldnt end such a big show before midnight

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For everyone landing in ISP airport and taking the Ronkonkoma train to Jamaica or Penn, I welcome you with this:



Make sure to stop by any deli and pick up one of Long Island's signature "bacon egg and cheese" sandwiches or bagels with 1lb of butter in between the rolls.

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Bro he should play in Hicksville that would be the ultimate troll. Also if you slag bacon egg and cheese you are an enemy. Choose your words carefully.




But in all seriousness imagine if he meant to get off at Woodside but fell asleep and woke up in Long Beach or Islip? Aphex lost on the South Shore would be hilarious. Like he has a drum machine under his arm wandering into a deli for directions.



Welcome to New York Richard!!! Lotta fans out here. 

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