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Aphex Twin @ Avant Gardner 04.11.19

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At last, took forever for youtube to process this but they ended up muting Aphex's Abundance track... several other artists claimed the video (but i'm not posting it for $$) enjoy https://yo

I know, I’m so happy her uploaded those unreleased tracks too... did you meet up with the group at the bar before the show?

Just came by to say i still cannot stop thinking about that neon orange collapse shirt i didnt fucking buy, xoxo

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*ignores snareup*



That SAW 3 track around 4:00 mins in about brought me to tears

There was a girl just to my right that was actually crying at this point. Very sober, but absolutely weeping



yeah.. i immediately put down my phone and started dancing when that track started playing :catrecline: asmr tingles in my hands

that and the "Brooklyn Track" were the highlights of the set for me


thanks to andihow for sharing his water w/ me 20 minutes into aphex's set (i had the worst dry mouth ever before that ;^)), and for tearing up the dancefloor w/ me during soundmurderer. almost sounded like soundmurder was remixing a drukqs track at one point, maybe warp could release that with the elephant song remix he played at funkhaus? and maybe a jlin remix too. thxx :catsalute:

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Man, it'd be fun to do this for the past shows too. I remember DFN having some musicians and acting and sports celebs then some politicians. Offhand I recall SRV, Bill Hicks, and then Texan clowns like Joel Olsteen, Rick Perry, Ted Cruz, etc.


0PN got a shoutout in this show. Watching on YT now and I saw Sienfeld and Friends, some regional politicians and a bunch of NYC celebs and musicians. Hip-hop especially. I think I saw AOC as well?

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It was a bunch of NY folk: Jerry, Jeter, Beasties, etc. They def did their homework. It was hysterical...

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Powerful show. Was great to hear a lot of what sounded like unheard/live(?) stuff plus a couple recognizable big tracks. That ambient opener stuff is beautiful, hope it comes out someday. "Brooklyn Track" sounded lush, was so torn between recording it and just taking it in.


Overall heavier in the middle than I expected. But having my expectations twisted are part of what I went for.

He looks like he was performing on a laptop with an old-school 4:3 screen, or was it some hardware thing?

Also wonder what role his wife is taking in the performance.



Shout out to Colin from MN who I met in the smoking section after the show (didn't get your handle), apparently I missed a bunch of you, should have tried to connect more.

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