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Lost Epcot - Aslant Sand


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Here's what Juno has to say about this:


"Irish imprint Appian Sounds is keeping schtumm about the identities of the two Spanish producers behind the Lost Epcot project. It's because they want us to listen with "fresh ears" and "without bias", which seems fair enough to us. Whoever produced it, "Aslant Sound" is a highly impressive debut. Musically, it's atmospheric and intergalactic in tone, with the mystery duo serving up tracks that touch on B12 style ambient techno, Pete Namlook-esque deep space soundscapes, early Autechre or Black Dog style IDM, bustling, Rephlex style "brain-dance" and ambidextrous, off-kilter electronica. The album's great strength, though, is its timeless feel. While many of the inspirations might be vintage, Lost Epcot's assured debut sounds like the future."




More info and clips on Soundcloud:



Any guesses as to who this might be?

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