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Bogdan Raczynski - Rave 'Till You Cry (2LP)

Rubin Farr

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liking the sound of this! PS: bogdan stuff is now on Spotify etc


Upfront copies of the forthcoming album from Bogdan Raczynski on Disciples, a 2xLP collection of unreleased tracks and versions...

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Just test presses there, but hopefully more info comes out soon. Haven't been able to find much on the label, the only other thing they've put out is stuff by Black Lodge.

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i'll get the CD of this I think. Boggy has always been a tracker guy and these tunes sound like they're from this era. either way LOVE BOGGY and I'm very very excited for this. Only way this could get better would be if someone repressed samurai math beats

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Track Listing


1. 156 s2n

2. 134 32iii

3. 318 22t7

4. 220 s3d

5. 329 15h

6. 220 s1c

7. 307 33m15

8. 332 23t422

9. 309 14ae2

10. 213 213r

11. 220 s2c

12. 356 34h12

13. 306 24n812

14. 306 41dr

15. 210 31c22

16. 220 s5d

17. 355 44ir

18. 204 fr

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