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Let's celebrate women in electronic music


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Recent, where do you even begin?


Maria W Horn:




Kate Carr:



Gwen, a local lady from Cardiff, continues to intersect genres. Really enjoy her dedication to strangeness, drone tones & textures:




Stacks of mint inclusions already.




Daphne Oram, Pauline Oliveros (Deep Listening is surely a book that's required reading for anyone with an interest in music?) & Eliane Radigue's works already covered. Adore the latter's L'Île Re-Sonante, Songs of Milarepa, Trilogie de la Mort & Kyema/Intermediate States + DO's Oramics takes some beating for sheer wtf-ness


Ellen Fullman deserves a link or two. Worked w/Pauline Oliveros & although her long string instrument thingy looks cumbersome, it sounds sublime:

skip to 6:50-ish





Ann Kroeber, Alan Splet's wife, has a sound-design cv to die for. Worked w/David Lynch across various projects plus all manner of audio for music, film & documentaries. Just wish she'd team up w/Chris Watson, cos they seem like natural allies.


DiY's original free-party godess Emma. Deeeeepest House. Hope she plays their 30th birthday this summer:







One aspect to add to the already extensive posts is this cracking read - just the right balance of education & entertainment:





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Sia first charted in 1999 featuring on this DJ Friendly track:


FYI, this remixed a stripped down vocal track ("Mad Love") she had released on her 1997 debut.

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